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Don't let your daily life become a blur

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Wake, coffee, try to make the top half of your face look somewhat presentable before adding a mask*. Remember to stay hydrated.

Wait a minute, let's remember to actually live. Sounds a bit dramatic, I know. However too often life becomes a daily blur.

I caught myself recently saying to a friend “I hope your day goes fast” in regards to her working all day. Now, how sad is that? I could have said something like “You’ve been working so hard, I hope your day goes really well”. The thing is our use of language has a huge role to play in how we motivate others and in turn ourselves. We need to actively fight against the daily blur or life can consume us.

So, how can we stop this negative life loop? We stop it where it started, with our mindset...

The simple act of mindfulness.

Now please don’t be intimidated or put off by this word as I feel some people hear it and switch off immediately. Really it’s just living in the present. That means having lunch and actually stopping to appreciate what you’ve got in front of you. Making a cup of tea because you want it not because it’s just a force of habit. Meeting friends and being grateful for their company. It's the simple things that we take for granted.

I learned of a technique in lockdown called "Savouring" which I’d love to share with you. It really helped me find highlights in my day. The next time you are enjoying a moment in your day I want you to stop for a second, in that moment and take a mental snapshot of what you’re experiencing. In addition take a deep breath and savour that experience for a moment longer.

Maybe its the fresh air on your nature walk or the first lie in you’ve had in weeks. No matter what it is, enjoy it. In short be selfish, let the enjoyment last a second longer.

Capture life moments.

Stop the daily blur.

Oceans of love,

Niamh x

*If you don’t have one already get yourself a sustainable, reusable mask. My masks are made of off cuts from my favourite eco swimwear brand ‘Stay Wild Swim‘. The material is made of recycled Ocean Plastic, how cool is that?

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