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200hr Yoga Teaching Diploma from Yoga Teachers College®

30hr Applied Yoga Studies from Yoga Teachers College®

15hr Breathing Coach from YOGABODY®

Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited and Insured teacher

My Yoga Journey

Hi I’m Niamh, the founder of Welcome Oasis. I’m an ex professional dancer who found yoga as a way to relax and unwind whilst working as a Character and Parade Performer at Disneyland Paris. Yoga was also super important to me as a way to protect the health of my body, as my job was very physically demanding.

I started out on YouTube with beginner friendly videos. Although the YouTube content was great I felt I was missing a piece of the puzzle. The yoga world can be quite “wishy washy” and it’s sometimes hard to get answers. I admired the art form but didn’t 100% "get it".


I wanted to understand yoga on a deeper level, that’s why I kept searching and finally was lucky enough to discover YOGABODY®.


A company that made sense, aligned with my morals and was ready to take my yoga to a professional level. I can’t thank Yoga Teachers College® enough for my 200hr Vinyasa Flow training. The teachers, community and course were top level and I truly loved every moment of it.


Designing and building Welcome Oasis was all based around giving YOU what I never had. I’m all about the vibe in life, the oasis you create within your day to day. I wanted you to feel connected, supported and comfortable in class. To give you the opportunity to get to know me as your teacher, ask questions and understand clearly what yoga is all about.


I don’t believe you should have to go as far as a Yoga Teacher Training to get the answers (unless of course you want to teach!) I believe there should be yoga memberships available to enrich and advance your practice without breaking your budget and that is why I created our Sun, Sea and Serenity membership packages!


Oceans of love,

Niamh x

 Professional Experience

Jan 2021 -  Feb 2021

May 2019 - August 2019

July 2017- December 2018

200hr Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Teachers College®

I trained for two months at the start of 2021 to complete my 200hr Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training which is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. I flowed with students from all over the world and went on to complete my Breathing Coach certification with YOGABODY®.

Disneyland Paris, Character and Parade Performer 

After successfully auditioning for Disney at Pineapple Dance Studios in London I flew out to Paris for a 4 month contract. I am a graduate of Disney University and my job included performing for guests down Main Street.

Young Americans College of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California

Trained as a performer for a year in California at The YA World Headquarters to complete my Music Outreach Certification.

I completed a 3-month voluntary Music Outreach Tour with the Young Americans across Europe, working with over 6000 children. I stayed with host families in Germany, The Netherlands, Lithuania and Latvia and travelled around via tour bus. This tour was an extremely fast paced environment with an intense schedule and over 20 live shows. 

Yoga Teaching Diploma
Applied Yoga Studies
Breathing Coach Certification

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